Feldenkrais in Surrey and Hampshire

The Feldenkrais method® helps you learn how to create new and maintain existing connections between your body and your mind. Those improved connections are necessary for any movement that is pain-free, easy, efficient and graceful.

Hundreds of neuro-motor coordination lessons create the conditions for you to improve and recover after physical or neurological injury. Such as back pain, neck pain, RSI, hip pain/replacement, knee pain/replacement, osteoarthritis, NMD, MS, Stroke, CP.

The Feldenkrais classes are easy and pleasurable way for you to sharpen your attention while finding better alignment, flexibility and improving your dexterity. The lessons will help you reach remarkable agility at any age will teach you how to access continuous improvement.

The Feldenkrais lessons, both group and individual, aim to help you clarify and refine your skill, so you can expand your movement options. Greater range of options is invaluable, if you are looking for a way to take your skill of performance in arts, sports and music and drama to a level beyond comparison.

Feldenkrais in Surrey and Hampshire

Movement between habit and choice was established by Nadia Chavka (GCFP) to help teach and promote Feldenkrais in Surrey and Hampshire, as well as London and abroad.

Nadia Chavka

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“What is the body? That shadow of a shadow of your love, that somehow contains the entire universe. “Rumi