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Group and individual lessons

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What happens in the Feldenkrais Class and Individual Session?

In the Feldenkrais classes (Awareness Through Movement classes or ATM®) you will be verbally led by the Feldenkrais ® teacher trough sequences of movement. Those sequences are followed in various positions laying, sitting or standing. They are organized around functions such as walking, sitting, turning and many explore developmental movements. There are hundreds of lessons to learn from. Each lesson will involve some thinking, sensing and feeling to help you refine your perception and tackle the patterns that have become habituated. Each lesson will also give you alternatives to that habit and help you expand your choices.

In order to benefit from those classes, make sure you wear comfortable clothing that is not restrictive. You will be guided through sequences of slow, gentle movements and an extra layer of clothing is usually a good idea. (Don`t wait to discover this for yourself – an extra jumper and a pair of socks will allow you to enjoy the lesson). The movement class is  60min. long.

The one to one sessions known as Functional Integration® FI fits the individual learning needs of the student. The teacher guides the student’s movements. The touch is extremely gentle and non-invasive in tune with the principles of the method. The session is 60 min. long, the student is fully clothed and lying, sitting or standing – depending on the theme of the lesson. The Feldenkrais teacher might use rollers or padding to increase your comfort and help you relax tension in specific areas. The Feldenkrais table is different from the massage couch. It is wider and with firmer foam padding. That helps the student sense better the changing areas of contact during the movement and increases the amount of kinesthetic information useful for the learning process.