Nadia Chavka

Feldenkrais group class in Elizabeth Hall, Hook


The Feldenkrais classes sally-mckayare beneficial for everyone who has a brain and a nervous system.You might be someone who is beginning to notice that your movement repertoire has shrunk, or you might have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. You might be facing a hip or knee replacement or might be recovering after an operation. You might be looking for a way to improve your yoga or Pilates practice, or might be researching how your running, swimming and tennis playing can get better. You might be an artist that is interested in supporting our skill and finding better ways to express. You might be a musician that has to sit, hold an instrument, breath for many hours every day and you might be asking yourself how you can avoid tension and strain. You might have been diagnosed with a MND, Stroke, CP, MS and might be searching for a way to support and restore your everyday motor functions. If so, don`t wait too long and come to join us in a gentle movement exploration that will help you restore your self-esteem, will boost your vitality, increase your movement dexterity and benefit you more than you could imagine. It sounds unbelievable, I know – I don`t ask you to believe it but to experience it for yourself. Feel free to contact me before your first class or just pop-in

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