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Feldenkrais workshops at One World Summer Festival 2016


Feldenkrais workshops at One World Summer Festival in August 2016

How does Feldenkrais help people?

Brymore Academy
Cannington – Cannington

Date(s) – 02/08/2016 – 07/08/2016
10:00 am – 11:30 am

Brymore Academy



I will be teaching series of Feldenkrais Awareness through movement workshops at the One World Summer Festival in August 2016. http://www.oneworldcamp.com/gallery.php?page=videos.

Those will revolve around functional themes such as improved  sitting for meditation, hips that can swing and ankles that can twist, a neck that is  long and swift, a whole body-mind.

This will be the 21-st edition of the One World festival. The festival is very well organised and offers tonnes of workshops and classes: you can learn, chill, play, express yourself and find a place of silence. The food is heavenly macrobiotic, so you will have the opportunity to  nurture your body. Other menu options are available too. Have a look at the One World`s website and, if all sounds very compelling you can always drop me a line, so I can provide you with a leaflet which will entitle  you 15% discount off the entry fee.

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