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Group and individual lessons

The Awareness through movement (ATM) lessons are movement sequences that are easy to do, and suitable for you if:classes 1

I assure you that no matter your level, you will experience improvement beyond what you considered to be your best way of moving.

Have you ever wondered how do we improve in an action and how is it that we are capable of defying our own expectations? Or with other words ” How is it possible to outgrow our own skill and habits”?

I have been asked on many occasions what application these lessons have. For example, one of my clients was a musician interested in achieving a word class level of performance where another was dealing with hip and lower back pain. They actually benefited from the same lesson. That is possible in a Feldenkrais lesson as it is  your nervous system that gets actively involved in the process of movement education. It is not all about bio-mechanics – it is also your ability to sense and navigate your physicality while interact(ing) . With simple words you are not only the machine, you are also the navigator and if your sensors are not working very well or you are unable to read the data, then you might come to a state where your performance is not getting any better or the process of embodiment becomes difficult and painful, resulting in injuries and fatigue.

That is why, instead of being presented with a set of muscle toning exercises which will be repeated mindlessly, you will be guided through a large number of movement variations and sequences that have been put together to help you improve in a functional way your capacity to move with grace and ease. You will be increasing the ability to sense(perceive), think (interpret) and feel (understand), while giving your muscles a chance to experience a truly large range of situations. I will be there with you to help you enjoy your discoveries and remind you of key ideas which, if applied to your ways of embodiment, will transform your capabilities. You will get the chance to create your own understanding of what is Positives

the kind of understanding that will allow you to embody those qualities, increase the ease of motion and apply them to everything you do.

Dr. Feldenkrais once wrote:

“Movement is life.”

The way we move flavors our experience. You might have heard the saying that we are creatures of habit. On other hand, maybe you have reagraph3lized that life is changeable and fluid. Can you step in the same river twice? Inability to find your comfort zone between habit and choice often results in:

all of which affect the capacity to act spontaneously.

You might have come across some information about the Feldenkrais method by  researching new and efficient ways of how to refine an existing skill and improve your performance in arts,  music, sports, dance or drama and learn how to do better.

The lessons are suitable for anyone who is looking for help with a neurological condition affecting their mobility or are dealing with a chronic pain, trauma or age related injury.


Currently I live in London and teach weekly classes,  and private clasess in North/East London. You could call or email nadia@feldenkraisuk.co.uk 

to arrange our meetings.

Hope to see you soon.