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Off the Coach at last

Off the coach at last.

When I go for a run, instead of stretching before warming up, I run through a few Feldenkrais moves. Then at the end instead of stretching I go back to Feldenkrais. This new routine is helping in a big way, so too is noticing what is happening when I am running. I might notice one of my shins is twisting more than the other or my left hip is not moving as much as my right. Rather than keep repeating the same action until my shin and hip become painful, I change what I am doing. Before I didn’t have much awareness or the understanding that there were other options. I didn’t know I had a choice.

Now, I know I have choices and how to explore them. I still go to a weekly class run by the wonderful Nadia Chavka. It’s going to take me awhile to discover all my unhelpful habits but at least I have help now. I know if I can’t sort out my twisting shin Nadia will have suggestions.

Thanks Nadia. I know people tell you this all the time but you have changed my life!

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