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Learning to move with Feldenkrais

Why do we move the way we do?

For many once in a while that becomes an important question.

Why do I experience pain in the knee while running? Why can`t I sit cross-legged? Why is my lower back  hurting? How comes that  my neck is stiff? Why can`t I sit comfortably?

And then we find some answers. I`m just like Mum (Dad) were at that age and they used to tell me  that their parents also lived with the same limitations and pain.

Or we see it all as a part of the aging process. It is normal to have pain when you are 30 and in your 40 you have to be more careful and perhaps find someone else to take care of  the heavy lifting and the digging in the garden.

You might have been raised to believe that there  people such as  lawyers, writers and accountants who`s job is deck bound, might lose some of the stamina, spontaneity and innocence, you see in the others. You might have never learned to climb a tree, to somersault, to use tools with your hands to cook or iron. It might have been socially unacceptable to take care of yourself in that way, to learn about the world with your own body. And you became really skilful in one thing and innate in many more.

Or perhaps, you had to work really, really hard all your life. Long hours, many days without days off, just to be able to pay your bills and have a roof over your head. You wanted to give yourself a chance to study and develop, so you worked long hours every day, strained your body and reached the point where you believe that there is no time for rest in your life. As a result you have learned to live with the discomfort than with the stiffness, than with the pain, than with the inability. Despite so, you would never allow yourself to rest, as it is something you don`t deserve.

Knowing your options gives you a chance to choose. Learning to move with the Feldenkrais method is a way to consider it is a learning that creates choices and choice is the most powerful tool for change.In any case, if right now you feel that there is more to you that wants to show up, or that you want to regain the ability to sense yourself in a healthy pleasant way, if there is pain and discomfort in your life, if you are aware of some physical limitations you always carried, or they grew to be yours with the age-in your daily life, in your professional life , perhaps you are asking yourself again the same old question.

Why do we move the way we move?

And maybe this time your curiosity and inner wisdom will take the lead and guide you along that road where the questions are abundant and shape your experience and the answers are the ones that make you be the person you want to be…..

That road is called the Feldenkrais method, named after its originator M. Feldenkrais and you don`t have to walk it in any particular way: you can crawl along or jump ahead, lie down and have a rest, take detours, look around, follow your breath, circle your eyes, be gentle, be creative, be cautious, be yourself.

written for Movement between habit and choice by Nadia Chavka


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