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Links to other Feldenkrais websites:


Feldenkrais resources – one of the oldest and most extensive sources of recordings and books. A source of  inspiration for seasoned and novice learners.

UK Feldenkrais Guild – all you need to find your local practitioner, workshops or classes. Free ATM recordings.

The International Feldenkrais Federation IFF  the uniting body for all Feldenkrais practitioners around the world.

 Italy -Feldenkrais  Guild

Germany – Feldenkrais Guild

Austria Feldenkrais Guild

Israel Feldenkrais Guild

Switzerland Feldenkrais Guild

more Feldenkrais method national guilds around the world

Niall O`Riordan – Niall is a good friend, a Feldenkrais practitioner and an exceptional musician, based in London. Niall has a very deep understanding of the principles of the Feldenkrais method and can address a range of movement queries and also has an extensive background as musician and music tutor which makes him very skilled in helping other musicians in the process of finding a better organisation for musical practice.

Mindful meditation – we can think of the Feldenkrais method as a dynamic form of mindfulness practice. Mindful meditation is a great blog if you would like to familiarise yourself with meditative forms of mindfulness.

POSE – ‘s mission is to make the world of work more human friendly, creative and productive.

Our view is that lasting change can only happen when people, organisations and society all evolve to create a better future. We see signs of positive evolution all around us. People are questioning why we think about ourselves in particular ways and why we organise ourselves as we do. Does it make sense to have hierarchy in organisations? How can we change the way we work in order to solve complex problems? These and many other questions are being pondered across the internet at this very moment.


Waverley Dowsers – What are the connections between dowsing and the Feldenkrais method? You will certainly need to develop a good sensory culture if you wish to become an accurate dowser the Feldenkrais method can help you in that. Both are mindfulness practices, both are  dynamic . You will improve your ability to perceive the environment and ask relevant questions.  I got to dowse and develop the skill after I trained as a feldenkrais practitioner, so soon I  begun to build my sensory vocabulary with dowsing.